The music, the scene, the decade.... the 80s

Dedicated to the Great Eighties Club Music from the Decade of Decadence!
New Wave, Dark Wave, Synthpop, Industrial, New Beat, Hi-NRG, Italo Disco, House, etc.

+ The Eighties Live +

I'm an 80s kid and still love the retro dance/club music from mostly the late eighties ('86-'89) and early nineties as that's when I was old enough to finally venture out and see the wonders that awaited me at the clubs of the day. Some of which I spent many hours in were D2R, D2R South (which is now El Rodeo *sigh*), Blue Planet, Power Tools, Red Square, Bayou Mama's, Peter's Wildlife, The Yucatan Liquor Stand (you can scam, lick her stand heheheee), 2826, J' Larkin's (in Clear Lake... ahhh I miss that club) and many more Houston eighties clubs.

So, in celebration of the music (and maybe relive my youth LOL), I have created this site to post the listing of some of my favorite tunes in order to help those searching for names of songs and groups, and for more things to come.

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Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11 2-hour Mix by Static of
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NOTICE: This site is dedicated to the great club music of the 80s (affectionately known as "6400 music" in Houston). It's about the love and appreciation for the classic retro tunes of the day. It is not about the 80s club of the same name nor is this site affiliated with any clubs past or present. This is about the music and the effect it had on us all!